These Portraits by Valerie Hegarty Illustrate the Beauty in Destruction

 - Mar 25, 2012
References: valeriehegarty & toxel
'Destroyed Paintings' by Valerie Hegarty is a line of artwork that takes prints of famous pieces of art and depicts them as if they have been heavily abused or vandalized. The juxtaposition between iconic, pristine illustrations with the chaotic condition they now reside in creates a fluctuating impression ranging from awe to shock to impressed.

The portraits by Valerie Hegarty aren't created from simply taking an image worked on by a previous artist and tearing it apart until it becomes nearly unrecognizable, but rather, 'Destroyed Paintings' illustrates that beauty comes in a variety of forms, and within destruction lies the potential for renewal and rebirth.

Some of the destroyed frames in Valerie Hegarty's portraits use branch-like structures to articulate the notion of regeneration from destruction.