Edgy Room Shaping Tiles Bring Added Dimension to Interiors

 - Jan 6, 2012
References: patrycjadomanska
Much of our lives are spent enclosed in spaces with four flat walls, a ceiling and a floor, all arranged at rigid 90-degree angles. These Edgy Room Shaping Tiles offer the opportunity to alter the bland geometry of any interior area through the application of textural protrusions.

Patrycja Domanska worked with Tanja Lightfoot to develop this system of modular mural decor, consisting quite simply of a single hexagonal object with a flat back and a multifaceted bump. The angular impressions that shape the eccentric wall coverings have been molded into asymmetrical configurations, providing endless possibilities for creating dynamic designs of multiple pieces together.

Edgy Room Shaping Tiles are perfect for assembling in clusters to form compelling honeycomb patterns. They can be used to overlay an entire wall or produce striking artistic arrangements.