Surreal Self-Portrait Photography With Giant Rabbit Heads

 - Feb 23, 2009   Updated: May 18 2011
References: flickr
These bunny self portraits are brilliantly strange and exceptionally compelling. I just adore them for their strange vibe and inexplicable nature.

I think the bunny in the swimming costume is by far the best, and that some of the other portraits have a feel of 'The Shining' to them.

And, in case you are wondering, these are from Seattle-based photographer Kevin Brannama.

Implications - Photography is a wonderful form of art because once an idea is thought up, you can bring it to life through the images that you take. Photographers like Kevin Brannama who can create feeling in their images definitely have talent. Brannama mixes a world of imagination with reality and brings forth a somewhat creepy outcome.