The Fashion Photographer is a Master of His Craft

 - May 9, 2012
These Peter Lindbergh shoots demonstrate why the celebrated and much sought-after fashion photographer is at the top of his game. From moody, monochromatic captures to dramatic, edgy editorials, Lindbergh creates poised and compelling photographs.

Born in Leszno, Poland, the German photographer would grow up to study at the College of Art in Krefeld, Germany. He exhibited work while still a student at the Galerie Denise in 1969, demonstrating his considerable talents. Still, Lindberg felt photography was more suitable and by 1971 he began working as an assistant to the Dusseldorf-based photographer Hans Lux.

His fashion photography career took off when he began shooting for Vogue in 1978. This career brought him to Paris, ostensibly the fashion capital of the world. He has lived in Paris ever since, but also maintains residences in New York City and Arles, France.