Road Safety Hawkes Bay Ads Sell Concentration, Not Cars

 - Sep 2, 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
Using one of the simplest advertising techniques to introduce the latest vehicles, this Road Safety Hawkes Bay campaign actually sets out to deliver a very different sort of message. Each of the three prints presents the eventual appearance of your beloved big ticket purchase, should you chose to drive erratically amidst traffic. They have even been labeled with fictional brand names like Volksubishi, Toyazda and Nissbaru.

The Ogilvy agency of New Zealand composed these ads quite cleverly, creating the idea of a complete car but made up of two automobiles that have crashed with such impact that one has literally driven into the other. Rather than promoting this as a positive situation, the Road Safety Hawkes Bay campaign paints this terrible picture so that car owners become more cautious.