'The Dream' by Caroline Vos is Stirring and Poetically Dark

 - May 11, 2011
References: carolinevos & carolinevos
Everyone can relate to the terrible feeling of a broken heart which makes ‘The Dream’ series by Caroline Vos a brilliant piece to explore for all.

A little girl is the focus of the illustrations and Vos portrays her destructive nature in comic book style and a poem written for an exhibition on South African Comic art at the Alliance Francais. From weeping hysterically on the floor to furiously shouting at the top of her lungs, Vos uses the idea of a little girl’s broken heart to communicate the moving power of a destructive child in illustration. Combining a series of different destructive emotions and relative poetry, Vos takes the consequences of a broken heart to the extreme as his illustration shows that the little girl ultimately sells her soul to the devil due to her inability to take the heartache.

Caroline Vos -- who had worked for clients such as Ogilvy, MTN and FHM -- dabbles with powerful ideas and story lines to bring brilliant illustration to life.