From Fashion to Design These Splashy Looks are Kinetic

 - Apr 28, 2012
Aesthetics are obviously an essential element of fields as diverse as fashion, interior design and art, and these splattered finds illustrate why.

The image of liquids splashing about immediately evokes sensations of movement. This kinetic quality provides whatever the product or piece may be with a sense of dynamism and even progress. Still-life photography can be beautiful, for instance, but it does not create the same illusion of movement as does a photograph of paint splotches stopped midway through a motion; with such pieces, the viewer is left expecting the liquid to fall to its natural rest position. In other words, splashy aesthetics do well to inspire anticipation.

This anticipation can entice people to turn the pages of a fashion editorial or focus on a particular piece of furniture. In short, the splattered look stands out.