Visboo Magazine's High-Speed Photography of Breakage & Splatters

 - Oct 3, 2010   Updated: Jun 7 2011
References: visboo
Visboo Magazine recently released these beautiful images of high speed photography.

The photos are breathtaking, as they zero in on the action of liquid motion effects using colored water and luscious shapes that impact the ripples of the liquid. The close-ups of different types of glass being shattered into itty-bitty pieces is also amazing. Take a look through the gallery above, it's a must-see!

Implications - With the economic downturn, North American society is seeing a lot of escapist artwork and photography emerge on the Internet. Consumers are looking for ways to relieve the overbearing reality of the world's financial problems and find solace in products such as these high-speed photos. Corporations looking to cater to this demographic can offer products or services that alleviate consumers from financial stress.