Tapio Anttila's Tip Pendant Lamp Looks Like itt is Dripping into a Puddle

 - Feb 2, 2012
References: tapioanttila & trendsnow.net
As simple as the Tip pendant lamp may be, there is a lot of life and character in it. Full of movement, it looks like an ongoing paint spill. The white cord that suspends the light fixture drips down fluidly, forming a disc-like puddle beneath it. That puddle happens to be the light itself.

Created by Tapio Anttila Design, a studio based in Lahti, Finland, the Tip pendant lamp is a serene saucer that sheds a light that is both strong and soft. It is also available in a floor lamp alternative, which looks like a bigger paint puddle above is dripping to the ground, like a liquid version of an hourglass.

Pristine and minimalist, the Tip pendant lamp would fit into any home.