Sand Bowls by Leetal Rivlin Capture the Activity of the Coastline

 - Jan 8, 2012
References: wix & designboom
Bygone days at the beach may come to mind when considering these spectacular Sand Bowls by Leetal Rivlin. Constructing moats around sand castles and carving holes along the water's edge often ended in the practice of splashing sea inside to smooth and harden the surfaces. A similar effect is mimicked here.

It is as if the designer dug shallow depressions into the shoreline and proceeded to dump great quantities of ocean water into them from a substantial height. The grains of sand splash upwards and outwards to produce a frozen form similar to the way that water behaves alone when it is displaced with sufficient force.

However, the technique for producing these playful pieces of crockery involved the mixing of sand with a viscous adhesive. Sand Bowls by Leetal Rivlin were shaped gradually when the edges were allowed to drip down from an upturned convex mold.Photo Credits: designboom, wix