The Love is Art Kit by Jeremy Brown Takes an Unconventional Approach to Art

 - Apr 13, 2011
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The Love is Art Kit was made with the intention of letting couples have sex on canvas, creating a truly intimate piece of artwork. The special kit comes with everything you need to safely make a one of a kind piece of abstract art while having sex on canvas.  Jeremy Brown, founder of Love is Art, has developed a safe way to make a painting during intimacy. The Love is Art Kit comes with a large plastic sheet to protect your home from paint splashes, a treated hypoallergenic white cotton canvas, 4oz bottle of specially formulated, non-toxic, washable black paint, two pairs of disposable slippers, and a body scrubber.  The directions are pretty simple: pour the paint onto the canvas and get down to work. As you get down to business, your bodies will move the paint across the canvas, creating a unique abstract image.

The Love is Art kit is perfect for special occasions or if you just want to add some spice to your love life.