The Vantage Ketchup Campaign Challenges the Permanece of Stains

 - May 12, 2011
References: adsoftheworld & ohgizmo
Laundry detergents tell consumers what they want to hear, but the Vantage Ketchup campaign is bold enough to challenge consumers to the task of removing tomato sauce from their clothing.

These unique spatter-shaped sachets were designed by advertising agency DPZ Propaganda of São Paulo, Brazil, so that they would splash on the person who opened them. Asserting that stains are "hard to avoid" but "easy to remove," the brand exudes a calculated confidence with respect to Vantage Stain Remover.

Where the front of the packaging has a generic label that reads "ketchup" and the image of a tomato, the back of the pouch highlights the existence of the clothes washing elixir. The Vantage Ketchup campaign was a success, handing out all 100,000 packets to consumers interested in fighting on the of the most common causes of stains.