- Jan 11, 2013
French fries and burgers are best friends with tomato condiments like the cute ketchup products you'll find nestled within this collection. Ketchup is a must-have condiment for those who love to top their fast food with a sweet and salty sauce that pairs perfectly.

Many companies have branched out from the original ketchup concept to create products that are spicy, made from unexpected items like bananas and even sold in bottles that are completely plant-based. Additionally, there are a number of obscure ways to hold your favorite condiment including bottles that resemble firearms and even ones that you might mistake for household caulking. Some companies have romanticized the bright red stuff with risqué photo shoots and illustrations that have pin-up girls fawning over bottles of the stuff; they should know that ketchup is already in a long-term relationship with french fries.

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