The Ketchup Presser Makes Eating French Fries Less Messy

 - Jan 11, 2013
References: yankodesign
When your fingers are too greasy to deal with your single-serving condiment sachet, the Ketchup Presser would really come in handy. You've got enough grub on your hands anyway, it would be favorable not to have the viscous tomato sauce smeared all over them as well.

The solution is rather simple. Designers Hwandong Lee, Nari Lee, Myung Gyu Kim and Taeno Yoon have adapted the standard French fry carton so that it can help you obtain the most flavor and minimize the mess. Just the addition of a small flap to one side of the packaging makes a delicious difference.

Where the flap creases inwards on the Ketchup Presser, a slot has already been cut. Once you've inserted your catsup pouch the setup enables you to evenly and efficiently squeeze all of the sauce out without soiling your fingers more than necessary.