The Racy Razooma Milk Series Captures Women Dressed in Milk as Clothing

The Razooma milk photo series by photographer Andrei Razumovsky, better known as Razooma in the world of photography and the Interwebs, uses nude women and "dresses" them in milk as body art. Razooma is known for his use of the nude female body and his expert ability to use special effects and retouching to create eye-catching and creatively captivating images.

The Russian photographer creates every type of womenswear from bikinis to corsets, wedding gowns and jeans using the textured liquid to shape the body and create a sense of endlessness in the "clothing."

The already racy photo series features more pictures of the models in little-to-no milk, exposing much more than the photos featured in the gallery. This brilliant idea makes the photos not only interesting to look at, but almost impossible to take your eyes off of.

Image Sources: Fooyoh | Celulares | The Blog Is Mine