Michelle Osman's Underwater Muses Stun With Strikingly Accurate Physics

 - May 30, 2011
References: michelleosman & urhajos.tumblr
Painting water can be a very difficult task, but Michelle Osman and her paintings of underwater females is sure to make others want to step up their game.

Most people think painting is a discipline only requiring a keen eye for shapes and colors as well as dexterous control of the hands, but there's so much more involved. For one, when trying to paint accurate portraits, artists need a strong comprehension of physics in order for the visual illusions to be convincing, and by looking at Michelle Osman's paintings, you can tell she has water physics down pat.

The females in Osman's work are effortlessly beautiful, yet audiences are always consciously aware that they are underwater because of Osman's inclusion of air bubbles and light distortion. The paintings are so masterfully accurate, they might as well be photographs.