'Water Propelled' Campaign by Brandon Savoie Turns Liquid Into Machine

I adore these manipulated water shoots from the 'Water. Propelled' campaign by Brandon Savoie. Each shot turns a stream of water into a powerful machine, whether it's a motorcycle, bicycle, sports car, or racecar.

The 'Water. Propelled' campaign shows how Propel Water isn't just regular ol' H2O, but a cranked-up enhancement that'll give you power. Brandon Savoie is a 19-year-old graphic design student from Ontario, Canada. See more impressive water manipulations below.

Implications - xx
They are sure to inspire viewers to either pick up their cameras and try photo manipulation for themselves or to head outside and get active. Heck, it may convince you to do both. These amazing images prove how far digital photography has come and how powerful of a tool it can be.