- Jul 4, 2013
The tie-dye fashion movement continues to flourish in the summer seasons as the weather becomes warmer, colors turn brighter and consumers look to start more DIY projects. The art of tie-dying is a super simple, fun and a great way to upcycle any unused pieces of clothing into fresh fashion finds for the summer.

Tie-dye fashion is extremely reminiscent of the flowers, hippies, and warm sun. Channelling all the colors of the rainbow from red to purple, no two tie-dyed things ever turn out the same and each tie-dye creation is a work of art in and of itself. From shorts, t-shirts to even locks of hair, nothing is too outrageous this year to recieve a tie-dye-worthy makeover. Create a bold statement, go a little crazy and tie-dye something -- or everything -- in your closet this summer.

Tie-Dye Fashion from Rainbow Shorts to Tie-Dye Kick Collaborations: