The Planet Blue Lookbook 2012 is Hip and Hot

The Planet Blue Lookbook 2012 is swarming with stars and otherworldly feelings. The fashion exhibited is hippy-chic, boasting circular-framed sunglasses, heavy jewelry and slouchy frocks. The Southern Californian lifestyle also shines through.

The model is adorned with slightly tousled, disheveled hair and a large, golden triangle painted on her forehead. Memorable pieces from the collection include an open-back, tie-dye tank and an extreme mullet sundress.

Planet Blue was launched in 1995 in Malibu, California. The store aims to create the California lifestyle through the boutique shop, allowing visitors to understand the roots of the clothing. The apparel is super chic, while still relaxed and comfortable.

Planet Blue curates fashion from around the world, but always relates and adjusts the styles to fit with sunny California.