Ogilvy Digital for Lenscrafters Create and In-Store Shoot

 - Aug 17, 2011
References: vimeo
Ogilvy Digital for LensCrafters recently created a dynamic publicity stunt which would show off the major re-branding of the company in China. The new branding included their revised position on brand communication coupled with an all-new modern retail look. LensCrafters in China is attempting to catapult themselves into the 21st century and they needed a noticeable way to tell their consumers about their new directive.

The LensCrafters company needed a way to ingrain the current obsession of fashion culture into the stores. So, Ogilvy Digital for LensCrafters got consumers who visit the store to understand that glasses weren't just a necessity, but could be a fun fashion accessory. To enhance their in-store consumer experience, the campaign encouraged consumers to try on glasses to get their photos taken.

Ogilvy Digital released that the Chinese consumers loved to have their photos taken and shoot self-portraits to express themselves. To ensure the customers felt fashionable and glamorous, LensCrafters China set up a virtual in-store fashion shoot. To encourage these photographs, all the customer had to do was stand in front of a mirror that would host a virtual shoot experience and walk you through it with a professional photographer. Once the fashion shoot was over, customers could edit their fashion shoot look book before uploading it online. This innovate in-store virtual retail gimmick is an excellent way to provide a fun and interactive way to connect to the youth market that connects companies to social media.