The Aladdin Magic Vaporizer Creates a Bug-Free Environment

 - Sep 25, 2011
References: etsy & gizmodo
All the signs may be there, from its shape to its name, but the Aladdin Magic Vaporizer isn't designed to get you high. Instead, it's a DIY project that pays homage to folk myths and to practicality.

The so-called magic of this device is straightforward: insects show up and then they disappear. Built by Bill & Treva Courter, the Aladdin Magic Vaporizer will disrupt and repel annoying insects, including gnats, mosquitoes and flies, when activated. The Amarillo, Texas couple must have had considerable problems with small bugs living in such an arid state, but they've turned that issue into inspiration and molded this functional device.

Available via Etsy, the Aladdin Magic Vaporizer is retailing for $12, although the vintage charm is free.