From Edible Appendages to Skeletal Dinnerware

 - Sep 26, 2012
Aside from the traditional and repetitive gigantic spiders and webs, R.I.P headstones, hanging ghosts and adorable jack-o-lanterns, envelop your home with a few gory Halloween decorations this holiday.

Nothing screams scary like dismembered body parts. From severed arms stuck in door knobs to jiggly Jell-O hearts to one of Hannibal Lector’s favorite delicacies, cooked brains, these decorations will surely make a lasting impression on guests even if they don’t make it through the evening. Feel free to cluster the decorative items or even splash them around the house, leaving a few juicy eyeballs here and a few severed fingers there.

These spooky Halloween decorations are a great surprise for guests in the washroom or even at the dinner table. You can even remove all the light bulbs and replace them with spinal candles.