Magicians Fingers by David Bradley is the Answer to Ladyfingers

 - Apr 26, 2011
References: flickr & cakeheadlovesevil.wordpress
I've always been disturbed by the name "Ladyfingers" because I don't understand how something so delicious can have such a strangely grotesque name. Magicians Fingers by David Bradley (aka Curious Confectioner) is at least more straightforward.

Magicians Fingers is pretty much the opposite of Ladyfingers, and is a lot more literal visually. Bradley modeled this treat after his own hands and molded the dessert from his model. In case you're wondering, it's chocolate-flavored so while it may look unappealing, at least you know it'll taste good. But it's not something you want to present at a dinner party; I'd save it for Halloween should this ever come into your possession.

Unfortunately, Magicians Fingers was sold at EYHO by Bradley. But perhaps more delectable dismembered treats may come from him soon.