The Left Eye Right Eye Collection by Phoebe Richardson is Bone-Chilling

Phoebe Richardson has created a collection of dinnerware titled Left Eye Right Eye that has a spooky skeletal theme. The set includes China dinner plates, mugs, stacking coffee cups and egg cups, all silk screen-printed with Phoebe Richardson's bone-tingling illustrations.

Each piece of the Left Eye Right Eye collection is limited edition. The images that have been printed on are quite intriguing, with skulls seeming to make up the majority of the set.

The stacking coffee cups by Phoebe Richardson would definitely give a slightly morbid twist to any coffee break. Arranged in the right order, the cups stack up to reveal a complete skeleton. If you want to get a head start on Halloween festivities, the Phoebe Richardson Left Eye Right Eye plates may be great pieces to begin with.