The Buldang by Hirohiko Kamiya

 - Jul 17, 2008
References: plushpod & luxist
Hirohiko Kamiya's design for a modular style of seating is a nine-metre (30 foot) long sausage tube of a chair which can be arranged to form a comfortable armchair sofa. The tube is segmented just like sausage links. The selling feature of the Buldang or Bulldang (two spellings appear to be in use) is that the user can come up with a tube orientation that is most comfortable to them. Several of these sausage chairs together increase the spatial permutations to the nth degree.

The Buldang was developed in collaboration with Dupont de Nemours. The "climate control" cloth by Dupont Neotis Studio is designed for good ventilation, elasticity and durability. Cost of this flexible seating? $2380 each.