Meatscapes by Nicolas Lampert

 - Feb 12, 2008
References: propeller
Some people might get hungry looking at this, others may be disgusted, but while I'm a little grossed out, I'm also wildly fascinated by these Meatscapes by Nicolas Lampert. Looking at the gallery, it looks like the artist has a bizarre fascination with sausage and cowboys, but hey, whatever inspires him.

It wasn't too long ago that we showed you Foodscapes by Carl Warner, made of mostly fruits and vegetables, and since that was so wildly popular, we thought we'd show you these these landscapes which include different cuts of meats.

It's a pretty offbeat, bizarre collection. Lampert pairs retro photographs like the one of a conservative couple (his powder blue cardigan completes the scene) lounging on a lakeside field, picking flowers, with a mountain of meat in the background. It definitely is a unique interpretation of art.