From Blissful Brisket Photography to State-Shaped Steaks

 - Sep 15, 2011
Vegetarians beware; these beefy bi-products and meat-made masterpieces are for serious carnivores only.

Despite PETA's best ethical efforts, advertising campaigns, artistic interpretations, and even celeb stylists are turning to raw meaty materials in order to capture shocking displays of food-chain superiority.

Meat flavoring is being infused into the most unlikely of places including envelopes, business cards, furniture and perfumes that are sure to leave you either ravenous or revolted. After being showcased as a fashionable fabric by quirky pop stars, meat has been morphed into accessories and advertisements alike to produce a unique fascination using the element of edibility.

It has become apparent that putting a wild spin on veggies not only brings down cholesterol counts, but public intrigue as well, so beef up your wilting wardrobe or home decor with the coolest in raw resources.