Deep-Fried Snacks Vegetarians Will Scowl At

 - Nov 13, 2009
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When I spent a month in London, one of my favorite uniquely British finds were meat flavored potato chips (or as the Brits would say, crisps). Five years later, I’m still scratching my head and wondering, where are our American meat flavored chips?!

British brand Walker’s specializes in meaty flavors such as Steak & Onion, Smokey Bacon and Prawn Cocktail. Steak & Worcestershire Potato Chips are also available from Herr’s. If America is truly the meat-obsessed country we’re perceived to be by so many to be, then why are we falling behind the Brits in meat flavored potato chips per capita? In the land of bacon salt, give us our steak flavored Lays!