Bosch Puts Fake Prehistoric Meat in Supermarket as a Stunt

 - Jun 3, 2011
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Bosch is an international leader when it comes to home appliances and power tools. Recently, Bosch released a line of new refrigerators and freezers called VitaFresh.

The Bosch VitaFresh line claims it can keep food fresh longer than any other brand of refrigerators or freezers. To showcase this, Bosch teamed with an advertising agency to do an in-store campaign. The campaign involved placing oversized pieces of fake prehistoric meat along the store displays. Some examples included mammoth steaks, dinosaur legs and even saber-tooth tiger fillets. QR codes were on the price stickers so when consumers viewed the link, they were taken directly to the Bosch website.

Customers were blown away from what they saw and it definitely created buzz for the VitaFresh line from Bosch.