Portrait Created Using 16 Types of Meat for Colman's Mustard

 - Nov 29, 2009
References: creativereview
Ad agency Karmarama has redefined the meaning of a famous 1914 British recruitment poster, Lord Kitchener’s "Your Country Needs You," to an advertisement to promote Colman’s mustard. The ad will run in men’s magazines to entice men to slop some Colman’s mustard on their meat—so to speak.

After viewing this ad, you won’t be asking "Where’s the beef," since ‘Lord Kitchener’ was crafted by a food stylist into a portrait using 16 types of meat that took over 18 hours to cook.

What I find ironic, is the food Crafter’s name—Peta O’Brian, since we know his meaty version of Lord Kitchener will never be a poster child of PETA.