The Meat Horse by AuTopsyTurvy Might Make You Turn Vegan

 - May 2, 2011
References: instructables & foodista
We've featured unusual bacon sculptures before, but the Meat Horse by AuTopsyTurvy has to take the cake for its gruesome anatomical nature. The artist created this bacon equine sculpture, which is covered with almost $200 of prosciutto and bacon, for a student project at Ohio State University.

AuTopsyTurvy built the Meat Horse by creating a metal-and-wood framework, covering it with plaster and pinning the slices of prosciutto and bacon directly atop the plaster. Although the Meat Horse isn't made of solid bacon (now that would be a gruesome creation), it's still an incredible design feat.

The Meat Horse by AuTopsyTurvy is an entrant in the Instructables Bacon Contest, which closes on May 8. If this design is indicative of the other entries, it'll be a tough contest to judge.