Meatball Gum for Carnivores & Vegetarians Alike

 - Jun 24, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
References: bookofjoe
This Meatball Bubble Gum is definitely eye catching.

Internet sources claim it doesn’t taste like meat, but I’m not convinced…and I don’t want to try it either. I guess I’ll never really know what this Meatball Bubble Gum tastes like.

What I do know is that a person gets 21 gum balls in each pack, with two packages for $7.95.

Implications - Perhaps in defiance of the growing popularity of vegan living, brands that place heavy emphasis on meat products are creating items with novel appeal, like gum, to engage consumers and remind society that meat -- as a food product or design inspiration -- will never disappear. The creation of bizarre meat products highlights the never-ending influence of meat products in day-to-day living.