This Gastronomie Le Naked Lunch Packs in Fine Montreal Cuisine

 - Mar 4, 2011
References: lenakedlunch & lostateminor
You can basically call the Gastronomie Le Naked Lunch cans an upscale Spam. You know, the precooked meat product in a can? Although some people are turned off by these cheap, convenient "mystery" meats, the Naked Lunch line serves up quite the gourmet meal.

Packed in these metal containers is a mouthwatering dose of Montreal cuisine. Just to give you a taste, a few of these Quebecois classics include smoked duck breast, Chinese game pate and smoked Peking duck. Have you changed your mind about meaty canned goods yet, because these hearty concoctions are absolutely scrumptious!

Who would have thought that you could pack a gourmet meal in a can? Surely, Gastonomie Le Naked Lunch has found all the secret ingredients to do so. As the French would say, "Bon appetit mes amies!"