This Sweet and Savory Meat-Filled Cornbread Dessert Packs a Punch

 - Jul 19, 2011
References: instructables
This meat-filled cornbread cupcake was posted on 'instructables' by account holder and baking enthusiast 'iminthebathroom.' It's not that often that you come across a savory cupcake, but these bite-sized dinner stacks are perfect for any meat lover. This cupcake main base is made from cornbread and in this case baby back ribs (however the meat in this cupcake can be swapped out for anything other meat or meat alternative).

The braising liquid in this recipe is made from a Dr. Pepper marinade reduction which complements the rib rub quite nicely, and the cupcake toppings are made with chilli jam and cream cheese. The actual cupcake batter is still sweet so that it satisfies the desire for a sweetness that is usually accompanied with eating a cupcake, while still complimenting the savoury taste of the meat. And for you fellow vegetarians out there, this meat-filled cornbread cupcake would make a great starter for dinner parties and meat-loving friends.