- Nov 3, 2013
Offering vegetarian Thanksgiving meals to a crowd that includes meat eaters can be a very challenging and tiresome task, but this list offers plenty of inspiration. From appetizers to mains and desserts, this list presents endless options to satisfy all of your guests. Many of these recipes will likely be preferred over meat-based dishes simply because they are undeniably delicious.

This collection offers plenty of dishes made with seasononal vegetables such as pumpkin, squash and butternut squash. From skewers to fries and even pasta, there are so many inventive ways to satisfy everyone's cravings this Holiday season.

There are also a variety of pork and other meat-flavored items for the people at your table who miss the taste of meat but can't eat any.

Create one of your most memorable vegetarian Thanksgiving meals yet with these scrumptious recipes.

Offer Guests Delicious Vegetarian Thanksgiving Meals with This List: