A Gourmet, Fish Roe-Free Alternative for Discerning Herbivores

 - Jun 12, 2009
References: vegancaviar & vegancaviar
Vegan Caviar closely resembles Russian Beluga Caviar in appearance by being jet black in color and being the same size as the real roe. But in this case, Vegan Caviar is made of seaweed. This exclusive item was recently sampled by Beverly Hills Caviar at a celebrity event and was a huge hit. This item solves several problems when catering your events.

1) What is the perfect gourmet food to get for a party at an affordable price? 

2) What can I possibly serve to my guests to add elegance with a new twist?

3) What happens if my guest is on a strict Vegan diet?

The answers to these questions? Vegan Caviar.