This Quick Dish Recipe Redesigns a Scrumptious Classic Sandwich

 - May 26, 2013
References: quick-dish.tablespoon
Behold the reworking of the classic grilled cheese sandwich in this quick dish recipe. Grilled cheese is one of those meals that can be categorized as a comforting and delicious food staple. Every now and then, it is important to revamp the classic without altering them beyond recognition.

The grilled cheese sandwiches that many have grown to love and cherish are flat, but this quick dish recipe transforms them into rolls. From the outside they appear to be something similar to an egg roll, but once you bite into them, you'll be met with the ooey gooeyness of melted cheese. Using the same ingredients you'd need to make a traditional grilled cheese sandwich, these rolled up bundles of melted cheddar take a contemporary approach to a classic lunch creation.