This Vegetable Quesadilla Will Have You Searching for Seconds

 - Sep 6, 2013
References: blog.sanuraweathers
This vegetable quesadilla recipe creates a nutrient packed meal that strays away from it's traditionally unhealthy associations. With distinct ingredients like zucchini flowers and smoked paprika, the flavors will lead to intense health food cravings as soon as you hear your stomach grumbling.

The stigma of healthy meals not having enough flavors has long been proven false. This vegetable quesadilla is a perfect example of this. With such bold and savory flavors, it will keep your waist size down while satisfying you.

The versatile recipe can be adapted to fit anyone's flavor profile as it's fairly quick and easy to make. Being able to create a meal that you don't get a monstrous dose of cognitive dissonance over is a special feeling.