Create a Fine Dining Experience with Sweet Potato Blinis

Sweet potato blinis are the perfect way for you to impress your guests at a bridal or baby shower.

While it's simple to serve chips and chocolate at these intimate gatherings, preparing fancy food shows that you put in the extra time to make the event special. Since many people are turning to a more healthy lifestyle, these sweet potato blinis are made with the health-conscious in mind.

These appetizers may be mini, but they definitely make a big statement. To make them, you need to bake the potatoes for an hour and a half. When they're ready, mix them with the milk, eggs, butter, flour and baking powder. To make delicious sour cream all you need to do is mash up an avocado in the cream.

After the two separate sections are complete, spread the sour cream on the sweet potato and top off with little pieces of salmon; your guests will feel as if they've entered a fancy party instead of just a get-together in your home.