The Good Chemistry Salt and Pepper Set is for Kitchen Geeks

 - Oct 16, 2009   Updated: Jul 19 2011
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The Good Chemistry salt and pepper set is a simple yet clever idea. Impress all your science geek friends with these brainy kitchen accessories. Only laypeople would have something so crass as 'salt' and 'pepper' labeling their seasoning. For the educated, the chemical representation of both salt (NaCl) and pepper (Pe + [Pe]r) is certainly preferable.

And, as if the smartypants idea weren't enough, they're also cute and modernly styled.

Implications - As mind-numbing entertainment continues to saturate television airwaves, consumers are now looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their television counterparts by buying products which exemplify users as intellectuals. As such, corporations that release products capable of satiating consumer desire to appear more educated are likely to garner customers' attention as well as their business.