The Mountain Home Biological 'Separatory Funnel' Used for Drinks

 - Mar 28, 2012
References: pelletlab & luxirare
The Mountain Home Biological company has released its 'Separatory Funnel,' a scientific product often used in the chemistry field to separate various liquids. While the brand intended on the funnel's usage within laboratory settings, the Luxirare team has found a far different usage for the tool, one that involves a hefty amount of whiskey and a slew of cocktail-oriented syrups.

According to the Luxirare group, the Mountain Home Biological Separatory Funnel may be used to create an assortment of flavored whiskey sours. With precise measurement functions, the instrument is actually well-tailored to suit the beverage that is part whiskey and part sour-flavored juice.

The Separatory Funnel will be a unique addition to any bar-type setting. As the machine is reminiscent of a pharmaceutical environment, it will offer a distinctive clinical vibe.