The Particle Fruit Bowl Takes the Form of a Citric Acid Molecule

 - Jun 1, 2011
References: stuffandplayx.blogspot & mocoloco
The Particle fruit bowl is a very unique piece of dishware for your kitchen. Although clearly inspired by the discipline of science, the bowl nevertheless has a playful, even feminine element that makes it perfect for everyone in the household.

Designed by Sara Ivanyi, the Particle fruit bowl is as fresh as the fruits it holds. Made out of 13 separate wood parts, each representing the atoms and bonds that make a citric acid molecule, the bowl is fascinating to say the least. A thoughtful design, it really breaks down the properties of the food group it holds.

The stellar Particle fruit bowl is produced in limited edition and is set to make its debut in the FoodMarketo 'Lemonade for All' pop-up exhibit during Sofia Design Week 2011.