Nutri-Grain's Cool Skate Park Was Equipped with Tech to Capture Tricks

This cool skate park in Australia was set up by Nutri-Grain. In addition to having an awesome glow-in-the-dark skate area, the park boasts some pretty cool high-tech features too.

The skate park was equipped with RFID technology and projection mapping, so that cameras would be able to capture all of the tricks of skaters performed and upload them directly to Facebook. Since the stunts are performed at such high speeds and it would be difficult and unsafe to have a photographer in these areas, the use of RFID technology in this skate park works brilliantly.

This stunt was part of Nutri-Grain's 'Fuel On' campaign, which is a fantastic way to show off the talent of some local skateboarders and have technology take care of social media postings to promote a product.