Motorola Sparrow

 - Feb 29, 2008
Take a good look at the Motorola Sparrow; you might just be using one on future shopping excursions.

This nifty little gadget was designed for the retail industry, making selling and buying much easier. The hand-held device has a credit card reader, scanner, point-of-sale system and built-in communication device. The RFID (radio frequency identification) scanner would make shopping so much easier, and eliminate the need to bother sales clerks, as the Sparrow give customers more independence.

If a shopper is interested in a product, all their have to do is use the Sparrow's scanner to obtain more information. If there is a promotion to accompany that item, the code can be collected right there. To buy the item, and eliminate the need to wait in line, the customer can purchase the item on the spot, in real time, with a swipe of their credit card.