The iBag Saves You From Reckless Spending By Automatically Locking Itself

 - Feb 4, 2014
References: & designtaxi
It's easy to get carried away at the mall, but buying a few too many things and coming home to a drained bank account can be avoided with a nifty automatic locking bag.

A company based out of Australia called Credit Card Finder has created a concept to control excessive spending. The GPS-enabled purse can be programmed to automatically lock itself when it recognizes periods of high spending. The RFID module technology records every time you pull out your wallet, and the real-time clock is programmed to lock the bag during your most vulnerable-spending time of day. Every time you enter a dangerous zone or get close to your favorite shop, GPS controlled warning lights come on and and SMS is sent to your phone, reminding you that you're in a dangerous high spending zone.

The iBag prototype is soon to be the most desired bag on the market. The iBag will help you if you have a hard time trusting yourself at the mall, or just need a little reinforcement to save your money.