The Sony 'Authentication Power Outlet' Can Determine Power Useage

 - Mar 22, 2012
References: trendhunter
The Sony 'Authentication Power Outlet' prototype uses the company's patented FeliCa technology to register which appliances are plugged into the device, as well as identifying who is using what. Sony's new system is comprised of a specially designed power outlet wall panel that can read and write data, a plug attachment and a small tablet-sized screen to display the information collected.

The super-smart power outlet uses a RFID smart card that can be swiped to identify who is using the outlet, and a FeliCa Lite chip that determines what devices are being used and how much power they are consuming. When an appliance or electronic device is inserted into the special plug attachment, the amount of power used is recorded onto the chip and transferred onto the screen.

The Sony Authentication Power Outlet will help users conserve energy by determining which devices are the most power-draining, and turning them off during non-essential times.