The Finder RFID Locator Will Ensure You Never Fully Lose Your Effects

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: yankodesign
It's a funny fact of life that you often have the most trouble tracking down the items you can't stand to lose. This is of course more common with small and frequently used articles, which can happily be tracked by the Finder RFID Locator.

Chu Wang, Yonghua Zhang, Qiujin Kou and Qian Yin conceived this gadget, which takes the relative form and size of most smartphones. The faceplate is, however, completely transparent, acting as a sort of tech-age magnifying glass for the modern domestic detective.

The system works using radio frequency identification tags embedded in small stickers you can attach to your keychain, the inside of your wallet, your mobile phone and more. Take a look around the room with your Finder RFID Locator and it will point out your missing possessions and their approximate distances from where you stand.