The Desktop Microwave is a Computer Peripheral For Preparing Food

 - Dec 3, 2011
If you office ends up being your lunch room as well most days, than you might as well accept it as such. This Desktop Microwave concept brings one convenient kitchen appliance straight into your workspace, so much so that it is actually connected to and controlled by your computer.

The flat formed microwave oven is designed to be compact and perfectly suited to a line of prepackaged meals. Designer Steve Gates has placed these frozen dinners into rectangular baking trays that fit snugly into the apparatus' inner chamber. The fork that comes with each prepared lasagna or pasta has an RFID tag embedded into its handle which can be swiped across the scanner on the right of the device to initiate cooking specifications. C8 and USB ports connect the Desktop Microwave to your laptop, allowing you to track the progress of your snack's baking time. Flip it up vertically when it's not in use and the gadget functions as a handy notice board.