The Debitband Concept Payment System is a Physical Fiscal Reminder

 - Jun 5, 2012
References: underconsideration
The DebitBand is a concept payment system that would replace debit cards. The concept was imagined by recent CSULB Graphic Design graduates Jack Curry and Steven Arthur Wood. The band using RFIDs, as well as a touch-sensitive OLED display in order to make payments and check out balances.

The best feature of the DebitBand is its embedded ferrofluid tubes. Basically, after setting a monthly balance, a user will feel the tubes tighten whenever they get closer to going above the budget. The tubes will provide an awareness that would physically appropriate the saying, "money's getting tight."

The band provides a fiscal responsibility and will only loosen by obtaining a Budget Extension Code using the mobile application or physically entering a bank in order to reevaluate your budget. Hopefully, the DebitBand will come into fruition to provide an easy way to make paying (and ironically, saving) easier.