The NutriSmart System Keeps Tabs on Every Bite You Consume

 - May 30, 2011
References: engadget
Product labels and supermarket signs can give you a vague idea about the source of your groceries, but the NutriSmart System boasts the ability to dig up details you'd never dream of discovering. The cutting-edge concept conceived by Hannes Harms proposes an introduction of edible RFID tags into the food you eat, which can provide invaluable information about the age and origin of your produce.

The implications of such a scheme mean that the consumer can be granted access to a wealth of data concerning everything from the farm from which your vegetables have come and the date your donor cow was milked, to the caloric count of a snack and the exact recipe of a prepared dish. Readers embedded within plates and refrigerators enable the NutriSmart System to detect and communicate the nature your meals' ingredients in terms of freshness, authenticity and and even the presence of allergens and chemicals.